Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint


  • [The day before I told my love to her]
  • Me [On Facebook]: I need to to talk to you.
  • She: Yeah what? or is it you've to do it in person?
  • Me: Yes :)
  • [On 5/7]
  • Friends: Go! Tell her that you like her!
  • Me: Some other day guys, Please?
  • Friends: No! Tell her now!
  • [walking off McDonals, All]
  • [I say friends to lets us alone]
  • She: You wanted to see my College right? I'll show you come, She said with a smile on her face.
  • Me: Oh yeah, Okay. [Smiled too]
  • [In my mind ' This is the right time to say my love']
  • Me: Hey, I told you i wanna talk to you right?
  • She: Oh yeah [Softly]
  • [Heart beat rose]
  • Me: I don't know if you know this, I adore you.
  • She: Oh thanks [She smiled]
  • Me: Do you realize that I'm proposing you? I LOVE YOU [I guess I made it Obvious]
  • She [ Very softly, Very politely, Without any anger]: Um.. Please, Don't hate me. I don't Want any relationship now.
  • Me: Oh fine. Then when?
  • She : I don't Know.
  • [walked for a while, In silence]
  • Me: But I admit, I really love you. Your vision is so thick that i cannot come out of you.
  • She: Thanks [ Smiled again]
  • [Walked a little distance]
  • Friends: You told her? What did she say?
  • Me: She said, She does not want any relationship now. [With a smile]
  • Friends: Don't worry man.
  • Me [In my mind]: Hey Do not worry. You'll get her.
  • [I was strong In heart]
  • [I waited for a month for her reply] [But still we kept talking like friends]
  • .
  • .
  • [6/5]
  • [In a cafe][With my friends and her] [She was in red, I was in blue]
  • Friends [To her]: Tell him!
  • She: I'm scared!!
  • Friends: Tell him! Seriously, You're gonna make his day!
  • She: Okay.
  • [She comes, Sits beside me]
  • [I could say something's gonna happen. I could see how much she was scared in her eyes]
  • She [Touches my hand]: I LIKE YOU [Smiles]
  • [Everything seemed frozen for a while] [She gave me Premature Ventricular Contraction]
  • Friends [With excitement]: You know? She just accepted you!
  • Me: Yeah I know. [On Cloud 9]
  • [I caught her hand, It was locked with mine for 180 minutes]
  • [Our Both eyes in contact] [Romancing]
  • [Clock said time to leave but I din't leave her hand] [walked out]
  • She [Goes to see if her daddy came]: Yes, Daddy's there.
  • Me: Okay bye.
  • She [Hugged]: Okay Bye.
  • Me: I LOVE YOU.
  • She: I LOVE YOU TOO.
  • [She goes]

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The state forest department is facing acute shortage of field staff, while it has 20 chief conservator of forests.
Sources in forest department said, in mid-1970s there used to be one chief conservator of forest, who managed the entire state. To assist him, there were middle-level officers and an army of forest guards and rangers.
"At present over 80% post of forest guards and rangers are vacant but instead of appointing them, the state government has notified appointment of 20 officers in the rank of chief conservator of forests to supervise various projects,” said sources.
An officer in the department confided that when there is no one to protect the forest at the lowest level, then appointment at senior positions is of no use. The cadre strength of Indian Forest Service (IFS) was also recently increased from 130 to 145.
There are just 950 forest guards in the state against sanctioned strength of 3,368 and 530 rangers against total post of 1062. “If the forest department will not appoint these officers at the lowest level then days are not far off when there will be no jungle and managers will sit in their air conditioned offices with no work in hand,” said an officer.
Joint secretary Ravindra Prasad said the department has initiated the process and even prepared the rules of appointment. “We hope that around 2,000 staff at the lowest level will be appointed very soon,” said Prasad adding appointments will be done by the Staff Selection Commission.
Regarding presence of a large number of officers at the top most level, he said it is decided by the Union government and the state has no role to play.